Agreement Acceptance Clause

These types of charges are called liquidated damages – an agreed dollar amount for damages that apply in the event of a breach of a particular clause. Liquidated damages can accompany many different clauses, not just the acceptance clause. If you decide to include liquidated damage here or anywhere, it is important that it be framed as damage compensation and not as a penalty. In the same way that the seller wishes to be paid for the services provided, the customer does not want to pay for services not provided. If the delivery or delivery service does not meet its standards or if the supplier has a defect, the customer wishes to assert the right under the contract to assert that he has not accepted the service or that he is not obliged to pay the costs due. In both cases, even in the absence of formal acceptance of the delivery elements, this agreement legally assumes that the buyer has accepted it and that the seller has fulfilled its obligations. If, in the customer`s opinion, the delivery item does not materially meet the acceptance criteria, the customer may refuse the result of the delivery by providing the supplier with a written list listing any breach of the acceptance criteria. If the customer refuses the delivery element, the supplier has the option to immediately correct any failure of the delivery element and re-deliver the delivery item for further review and review. In very rare cases, the acceptance clause includes accommodation costs that must be paid by the seller for repeated failures in the provision of services that meet the specifications. This is a very high penalty for the seller, better options are the buyer`s right to terminate the contract or adapt the specifications. Our heavy pro-providee variant includes these adjustment fees, but we recommend instead the use of the light pro-provide variant, which involves the right to terminate the specifications or adapt them if the buyer continues not to deliver. If the buyer does not believe that the delivery ingredients are in compliance with the agreed specifications, what happens? Can the buyer refuse the delivery items? Does the seller have one or more ways to correct errors in the denied delivery? Our pro-provide variants allow the seller to immediately solve any problems and try a new delivery.

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