Aopa Purchase And Sale Agreement

Do a preliminary log check to make sure the aircraft is a good candidate for purchase and that there are no large stoppers or red flags. By checking the aircraft logs, we can learn a great deal about how and where the aircraft was operated; how, where and by whom it was maintained; and what should be the main concern and concentrations during the Prebuy trial. IMPORTANT: We do the preliminary log review for free, and we prefer to do so before registering the aircraft for the Savvy Prebuy program, preferably before signing an agreement with the seller. We don`t want you to spend money on a Prebuy (including our fees) until we`re sure the plane is worth considering. Conduct a follow-up preliminary examination of the logbook to ensure that the aircraft is a good candidate for purchase and that there are no large show stoppers or red flags. We will conduct a preliminary log review free of charge, preferably before you enroll the aircraft in the Savvy Prebuy program. Let me say how delighted I was with how Savvy handled my recent Review of Cirrus SR22 Prebuy. Now that I`ve purchased the plane, I`ve definitely enrolled in Savvy`s savvyMx maintenance management program because I`ve been so impressed with your service on the Prebuy. My only regret is that I didn`t know their services for the 2005 Diamond DA40, in which I just acted. In this agreement, you agree to purchase the aircraft at an agreed price, which depends on the results of a Prebuy examination, the Seller agrees to allow you to perform such a prebuy check and you both accept who is responsible for the payment of the repair of any anomalies found during the Prebuy. (Normally, the seller has to bear the cost of repairing any airworthiness diversions and you should pay the cost of repairing anomalies for non-navigating data.) The following information explains the steps required to sell an aircraft. These include advice from AOPA experts on how to avoid legal tangles and make the entire sales process work smoothly. All this information used as a checklist is the secret to a successful sale.

The checklist contains logical sections such as sales invoice, transfer date, plane transfer, check-in and general information.

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