Atrra Agreement

“This agreement will bring the rights and remnants of Australian actors into the 21st century,” said Zoe Angus, Equity`s Director. Equity consulted with Australian artists throughout the negotiation process. The agreement was approved by the National Interpreters Committee before all equity members had the opportunity to speak. The new ATRRA agreement will enter into force from today. “The impetus for change is that technology has changed available content distribution platforms and public behaviour, while the original agreement itself has remained virtually unchanged since 1982. If you are not currently a member but would like to access the agreements, please complete our industrial application form. The chords are constantly updated, but let us know if you can`t find what you need. “The agreement that Australian actors have strongly supported is a revolutionary reinterpretation of how performance rights are valued in the digital age. We are now at the forefront of recognizing and accepting technological innovation and what it means for content creators. This is an important day for our industry. The new agreement will enter into force from today for new programs, although existing programs (including subsequent seasons) remain on the old ATRRA, unless otherwise agreed to allow for a transition period. Screen Producers Australia and Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance have agreed on a new agreement that offers greater flexibility in the reading of Australian programmes and offers players new pay charges for SVOD and catch-up games such as iview. SASA is an agreement between the Australian Writer`s Guild (AWG) and Screen Producers Australia on the agreed terms of payment for a writer`s services and the acquisition of work rights for Australian television series and series.

The AFFCA is a common law collective agreement between Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA) and Screen Producers Australia, which includes wage rates, terms of employment and rights agreed upon for all players in the Australian ATRRA agreements that provide for restrictions on the frequency of play or broadcast of an Australian program. This meant that foreign programs purchased without the same restrictions could be planned and broadcast much more often than local programs. ATRRA allows producers to buy the rights to take advantage of an actor`s performance. The agreement includes games and TV replays, streaming rights, percentage of sales in Australia and overseas and allows to calculate an actor`s salary. Our suite of negotiated contracts and bid contracts is regularly updated and is available to members under exclusive license or on a project basis. These resources are the copyright of Screen Producers Australia, which is owned with respect to negotiated agreements and is entirely related to model contracts. The unauthorized use of these resources is a violation of Screen Producers Australia`s rights and is being monitored appropriately. Let`s hope that some of the thousands of hours of classic Australian drama series that still live in ABC coffers that go back 50 years will finally be rebroadcast? Actors Equity`s agreements, so far rather restrictive, have made it easier and cheaper to manage old UK/US series such as Birds Of A Feather, The Bill and Murder, She Wrote.

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