Cdfa Acp Compliance Agreement

Q: Where and when can I visit a CDFA office to submit my organization`s compliance agreement? A: The following CDFA offices are able to validate your new compliance agreement and provide you with new tree trunk tags for children`s rooms. After entry into force, all citrus deliveries to the HLB Quarantine Zone, Greater Citrus Regional Quarantine Zone 6, must meet the ACP-free performance standard including machine cleaning or pre-harvest processing, and must be accompanied by the registration form without ACP. The ACP-free reporting form is available at Q: What should a production nursery do to meet the new ACP regional quarantine for the relocation of kindergartens? A: Production kindergartens containing ACP reception equipment should have received a shipment of CDFA containing a new compliance agreement by March 2018. All establishments involved in the production, breeding or shipping of ACP foster kindergartens must complete this compliance agreement. A representative of your institution must physically bring a printed copy of the completed and signed documents to a local CDFA office. Production kindergartens will also need new tree tags to fill the new quarantine. During the visit to the CDFA office, the total number of your farm`s current stock must be presented with the compliance agreement, in order to obtain new tree trunk tags. Before shipping, producers must also notify the county`s appropriate agricultural commissioner to which they ship bulk goods, as outlined in the producer`s compliance agreement. Q: What does the new ACP regional quarantine mean for the transport of nurseries? A: In January 2018, the ACP regional quarantine for the transfer of kindergartens was revised and three regional quarantine zones were established.

Regional quarantine allows production nurseries to relocate the ACP restaurant fleet within their regional quarantine zone if processed and marked in accordance with the regulations and compliance agreement. For more details on the circulation and sale of ACP host equipment between quarantines, visit the CDFA website. Q: When will my current compliance agreement be terminated and cancelled? A: Your current compliance agreement will be terminated and cancelled as of March 1, 2018. You must follow the steps described above in order to obtain a new compliance agreement approved by March 1. Effective April 13, 2020, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) removes quarantine number 1486. QC 1486 originally authorized intra-governmental citrus movements from Asian citrus fruits (ACP) Bulk Citrus Regional Quarantine Zones 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 to the Huanglongbing Quarantine Zone (HLB) without meeting acp-free performance standards. Related Detection of Huanglongbing Triggers Quarantine Expansion in San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties Organic Citrus Stakeholder Survey – Input Requested CLas-positive Asian Zitruspsyllide found in Riverside commercial groves “The committee based its response on the risk-based model, This suggests that the movement of unbridled fruit into HLB quarantine represents a higher risk than originally thought,” said Keith Watkins, Chair of the CPDPP Operations Subcommittee. “With the potential shipment of psyllids to an area known to HLB, we are essentially throwing gasoline into the fire.

These changes will not only harmonize mitigation requirements, but will allow us to prove these rules for future HLB detections in new areas of government in the future. For questions regarding this regulatory consultation, please contact Keith Okasaki at

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