Land Lease Agreement In Nepali

Under the agreement, the Nepalese embassy has 4100 sqm of land in the diplomatic area for the above purpose, according to the Nepalese Embassy. 3. If the landlord and tenant terminate the contract by mutual agreement, the tenant is required, unless otherwise agreed by the contract, to carry out the repair and maintenance of the rented house as required. If the contract requires the landlord to carry out repairs and maintenance, the tenant must inform the landlord in written time. However, if the landlord does not carry out such repair and maintenance, the tenant can take care of it and, before that eventuality, draw up a quote and communicate his written information to the landlord in advance of 15 days and deduct the amount of the rent to be paid. Contrary to the monthly rent not exceeding twenty thousand rupees, while the rent of a house, its owner must enter into a written agreement with the tenant, in which a letter of the following questions: By mutual agreement between the parties, the necessary modification of the tenancy agreement may take place. When such an agreement is registered with the relevant authority, the amendment is made at the request of that authority. The above lease agreement is as follows: if the contract provides that the tenant can sublet all or part of the rental home, he can submit the contract, sublet all or part of such a house to another person. 1. The rental costs of the above land at Machchhegaun Ward No. 01 Kha Plot No. 436 and 437 are calculated at Rs46,200/- per month, or Rs 5,54,400 per year (five Lakhs fifty-four thousand and four hundred only). 3.

The contract is valid for a period of five (five) years from the date of signing of the contract, September 2006, but the contract is still extended after information and manual understanding. Similarly, the contract may be terminated as a result of prior information from both parties. If the contract does not provide for a type or deposit, the tenant must pay the rent to the landlord within 7 days of the end of each month. KATHMANDU: The Nepalese Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman have signed an agreement to lease land in the diplomatic area to build the chancellery and residence of the head of the Nepalese mission.

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