North Penn School District Collective Bargaining Agreement 2018

Among the highest paid by Council Rock was the Superintendent ($213,610) and the Assistant Superintendent ($159,975). The district reported 14 principals earning between $121,890 and $159,711 for the year. Five employees received money for the cafeteria assistance, playground assistance, specialized educator and as a replacement instructor for the county. “The comments that have been brought to our attention do not reflect the core values of the North Penn School District. The views expressed are in direct contradiction to our work in developing a community that values diversity. We strive to recognize, respect, understand and celebrate the dynamism of racial and cultural differences. By developing culturally competent staff, creating structures that promote equity of opportunity, and creating partnerships with families and students, our school district seeks to create an environment of respect in which all members of the school community are able to learn, grow and appreciate each other. 9) Deciding whether to return is an annual decision (they are treated as getenured) and, when they are recovered, they receive a “appropriate safety” letter at the end of the school year, while regular teachers receive their duties for the coming year. (Added highlight) Teachers are paid an order of magnitude based on their training and years of service. But these contracts vary from borough to borough. About 10 percent of the money went to administrators such as superintendent ($209,415) and director of school services ($134,818). The nine main district officials averaged US$125,543 for the year, as the archives show.

1. The term “professional” includes the following terms: are certified as teachers, facilitators, supervisory boards, school leaders, assistant headteachers, assistant principals, assistant principals, vocational directors, vocational education practitioners, reception instructors, visitors, school counsellors, child nutrition counsellors, school librarians, school secretaries, whose selection is based on performance criteria determined by fitness lists and school nurses. (Added highlight) The average teacher received 77,421 $US, while the highest-paid teacher, a primary school teacher with a master`s degree and 35 years in training, received $116,051. Superintendent Samuel Lee said the district chose not to outsource positions such as maintenance staff, medical personnel and transportation. The district also receives services for the School Lane Charter School as well as private and ecclesiastical schools in the community, Lee said. Neshaminy had some of the highest paid educators in Bucks County. The borough reported 542 teachers, 277 of whom earned more than $100,000 in 2017. The average teacher received $91,801. Here`s how to break down the numbers for each local district: “The teacher contract includes an hourly rate of $35 to cover additional tasks outside of teachers` day, such as. B writing curricula,” Berdnik said. Each school receives an allowance that is allocated according to its needs and is then compensated by the school rate (US$14.35 per hour last year) from the clubs.

Fifteen per cent, or 3,000 of these workers, earned more than $100,000 last year, as the district records showed.

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