Simple Loan Agreement Format In Hindi Language

Hello sreekant sir, my English is a little low, pls adapt, in 2010 I had a good friendship with an old lady, she made me to love her daughter, so I married her, I did, and her daughter to keep in mind that I will be her son in law, she gave me 3 rupees in timeshare to manage my financial problems “she put on my account , then she started and her daughter began to dominate me in everyone and everything in my life, when I recognized her worst behavior day after day, I finally broke her marriage proposal, then they started torturing me with calls, and threatened my parents too, insulted me by hurting my colleagues , friends and relatives Every day they will call me and scold me and ask me for money, then I almost tried to commit suicide, but I could not, then, somehow, I got credit 3 lakhs, I refunded them entirely by money, now I thought it was all over, but again she went to my bank and took my bank statement saying lies , which is dated 2010, now indicating that it shows that this office I filed, so give me back,but I paid it fully, just error by hand, there is no agreement between us,, only it shows its function on my account statement which is true, now it threatens me to take legal action, how can I prove , and how can it prove how it happened in 2010 , and there is no agreement other than my statement of account says that it has filed office, pls help me This document can be used to record the terms of a loan between Indian resident individuals or businesses. Loans made by a foreign lender to an Indian borrower are covered by the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 and the rules and regulations adopted there, and this document has not been adapted to be used for a loan from a foreign lender to an Indian company. A friend by thickness and thinness. We usually speak to our friends or close family when we need financial assistance. We lend (or borrow) money on the basis of mutual trust. As a general rule, these types of credits (manual loans) are not guaranteed. In most cases, the terms of a loan are not defined. If the repayment (repayment of the loan) does not occur, relations between the two parties will be strained. If the loan is for a large amount, it is important that you update your last wishes to indicate how you want to manage the current loan after your death.

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