Working Conditions Agreement

(c) part-time employment contracts (Article 13 TLC). The employment contract is considered a part-time contract when the worker`s normal weekly working time has been significantly reduced compared to a full-time equivalent worker. The employer takes into account the demand of workers` representation, according to which labour laws and other normative acts, collective agreements or contractual conditions are violated by the head of the organization and/or his substitutes, and to report the results to the representation of the staff. Measures to improve working conditions and labour protection are funded by the federal budget, the budgets of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local budgets and a-budget sources, in accordance with the procedure established by law, other legislative acts and the actions of local self-management bodies. You may not recognize it, but you and your employees have a contract between you. An employment contract sets out the terms of employment and can cover everything from the duration of a contract to pay and increases, through all the benefits and restrictions that accompany a given job. Employment contracts are not always written, but they do exist. The right to negotiate collective agreements, agreements on behalf of workers at the level of the Russian Federation, a theme of the Russian Federation, and the industry of signing a territory, is granted to the trade unions concerned (trade union confederations). If several unions (union associations) exist at the appropriate level, each of them has the right to be represented in a single representative body for collective bargaining, which is made up taking into account the number of union members it represents.

In the absence of agreement on the creation of a single representative body for collective bargaining, the right to participate is granted to the union (union confederation), which brings together the largest number of union members. The contract is issued by the employer and reported to the worker within three days of the date of the conclusion of an employment contract. Written confirmation by the staff member is required. The employer must make a notarized copy of the order available to the employee at the employee`s request. The procedure and amount of compensation related to business travel are determined by the collective agreement or the local standard act of the organization. The amounts of allowances must not be less than the amounts set by the Government of the Russian Federation for organizations financed by the federal budget. Staff members who receive written or full-time and full-time training (evening training) at state-accredited higher education institutions may, upon request, reduce a work week by 7 hours for the 10-month academic period prior to the start of the thesis. During the period of work relief, workers receive 50% of the average wage for their main work, but no less than the minimum wage for work. The Occupational Safety and Health Commission organises joint actions between employers and workers to ensure health and safety requirements, prevent production accidents and occupational diseases. It also organises and conducts inspections of working conditions and labour protection, informs workers of the results of these inspections and collects proposals on the corresponding part of the collective agreement. The employer creates conditions that guarantee the activity of workers` representatives in accordance with this code, laws, collective agreement and agreements.

Part-time workers employed in the regions, with regional supplements and wage increases, are paid taking into account these regional rates and increases.

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